On Break

12th Apr 2017, 12:30 PM
On Break
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Avafaidian 12th Apr 2017, 12:30 PM edit delete
Hey all! Hiatuses are becoming a bit of a habit for me, huh?

Oh my god has this month been busy. May 5-6, I have a big art show coming up! I'm really excited about that, because I'll be selling prints, bags, and other merch including stuff for TBaP! The only thing is; a lot of that stuff is still in production. And I don't have all the money for it in my bank account right now.

I've been doing a ton of commission work this month to cover it, and I'm still not quite there. So between this, and still completing some of my merchandise and design for my table, I'm not sure I'm going to have a lot of time for TBaP until after the art show. But you can DEFINITELY count on it being back by then!

If you want to help by commissioning my work, that'd be rad as hell too!
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