A fantasy webcomic centered on elemental gods and the politics concerning them, with
some mystery undertones. (Has animated segments that may trigger epilepsy.)

Based on a story I'd originally started five
 years ago that never became anything, I decided to give it another
go with To Be a Protector; a webcomic taking place in a fantasy world heavily based around the 1800’s. In an
archipelago overseen by gods who represent and guard the elements that each come in the form of an "orb", when these
protector's reign comes to a close every 500 years, new heirs must be chosen through election by vote. 
Following the story of Grylo Paton, a young man with a muddled past, he somehow experiences traits of said
godhood despite never having ran for the title. He’s soon to learn why, when this news is broken in
a way nobody foresaw. Nobody but three. 

This comic began as a means to gain practice for future upcoming projects (which you will see from me down the road)
and though it began as a test-run, it's evolved into a bloody massive undertaking I have poured countless work and love
into, that am beyond thrilled the share with the world. I hope you'll take the time to read it and fall in love with its characters
as I have through the years. I believe its initial faults are what underline how far it's come since its dawn.