29th Mar 2016, 11:00 AM in Chapter 1
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Avafaidian 29th Mar 2016, 11:00 AM edit delete
Selene doesn't know when to quit. Unless she does?
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MadJak91 29th Mar 2016, 11:09 AM edit delete reply
Good thinking though.
If the first try is a fluke then repeating the experiment should prove it or counter it based on multiple results!
NoITant 30th Mar 2016, 5:43 PM edit delete reply
I like to imagine it makes a fart noise as it flies
Memer 31st Mar 2016, 8:15 PM edit delete reply
The fart box goes poot poot, so it can hit a god in the snoot snoot.
Zenner 9th Apr 2016, 2:42 AM edit delete reply
I hope this thing hits at the most inopportune time.